About football turfs and football-themed slots!

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What a nice turf is to sports, a popular sport is to online casinos! Just like good turfs play a key role in facilitating exciting and nail-biting finishes in various sports such as field hockey, tennis, football, baseball, cricket and others, a popular sport can become the basis for online casino games, for instance online slots, thereby facilitating exciting casino plays and huge riches! Let’s tell you a bit about Shoot, the exciting football-themed online slot from Microgaming, that all football-lovers should know about! Anyone who plays regularly at Royal Vegas casino would know what we’re talking about here!

Shoot! The online slot game
As mentioned above, Shoot is a football themed online slot game from the Microgaming stable. The game is based on the popular UK football magazine Shoot, and features some of the biggest names in the football world. As every football enthusiast may know, the Shoot football magazine was extremely popular during the 70s and 80s era, in the UK. You get 4 bonus features in this game, through which you can bag as many as 35 free spins, with 2 times multiplier.

The symbols in the game are representative of the greatest footballers of all time, including the likes of Maradona, Beckenbauer, Pele and Cryuff. Talking about the bet amounts, you can indulge in anywhere from 50p per spin to £ 100 per spin.

The bonus feature in Shoot online slot game is also called Shoot, which gets activated whenever you get 3 or more bonus scatter symbols on the reels. It will take you to the Trade ‘Em Bonus feature of the game, wherein you’ll need to pick 4 from the available 12 cards. These cards may reveal cash prizes of different denominations.

You can even trigger the magazine bonus feature or the free spins bonus feature. These get activated whenever you get the magazine bonus or the free spins symbol. In case of free spins bonus, you stand to win anywhere from 10 to 35 free spins. Each one of those spins comes with a 2 times multiplier that can add a great deal to your score. On the other hand, the magazine bonus feature gives you 12 magazine options that you must pick from. You need to be careful as couple of red cards stay hidden in that set, which can instantly end the bonus round. The remaining 10 magazines have cash prizes behind them.

You are guaranteed to love this football themed slot if you love the game of football! It’s actually targeted at football fans all over the world! If you aren’t a football fan, we’re both surprised as well as glad that you read this far! On the whole, it’s a pretty good online slot game on its own, but the football theme gives it that sporty spin! In fact, it’s one of the better online slot games in the Microgaming portfolio.