Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

We built this artificial grass cost calculator to estimate the material cost. The calculation result does not include freight and import tax if you are out of China. As artificial grass prices vary on different specifications, what you see here is an average cost. It is a good tool to get a general idea of the product cost at the planning stage. You will always get a more exact cost estimation from one of our sales.

Average Cost of Football Grass, Rubber Infills and Installation Accessories

Football grass cost calculator can give you a general sense of the cost before the real start of a football field project. For the infill, we calculate as 6kg rubber granules for 50mm football grass. Sand infill cost is not included in the calculator. 

We also have high-quality non-infill football turf. With the non-infill football grass, you do not need to infill any rubber granules and silica sands listed above. Faster&easier installation, less maintenance. Click to learn more details.

Landscape or Play Areas

As one of the leading artificial grass manufacturers in China, Arturf mainly co-operates with artificial grass wholesalers and installers. If you have a project more than 500m² and we have no official dealers in your country, you can purchase from us directly. In this case, You can use the calculator below to estimate the material cost. If your area is too small, buy locally will cost less.

Please note the result does not include freight, import tax and VAT.

Other Costs You Need To Pay If You Are Out Of China

  1. Freight from our factory to the loading port, and the loading port charges
  2. Shipping cost
  3. Destination port charges, import tax and VTA.

Learn more about the cost of import artificial grass from China.

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