Use Shock Pad for Artificial Grass Sport Fields or Playgrounds

The safe is always the first concern when constructing a sports field. The installation of a sand-filled artificial grass over a shock pad base can provide a softer surface that meets safety needs of sports fields or playground. Artificial grass shock pad creates a soft landing surface for athletes or children with varying critical fall heights which are dependent on the thickness of the foam.

For children playground, the critical fall height required will be dependent on the nature of the play area and the age of the children using the area. Younger children or children who are playing at ground level will not require a very high critical fall height as they will just want a soft landing surface. However, children who are playing on elevated play systems will require an exact higher critical fall height to protect them if they fall from the equipment.

The shock pad and artificial grass surface are free draining so following a downpour of rain the area will dry out quickly. This brings added benefit to the installation as children are able to play outdoors for longer during the course of the year, as natural grass would take a lot longer to dry out and become playable again.

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