Many people consider to putting artificial grass for their pets playing areas and ask us how they will react to this new artificial turf surface. Most of these customers are dog owners. The answer is they’ll be very fine – dogs treat synthetic grass no differently to natural grass.

Фактически, ваши собаки, ваши дети и ваш домашний сад выиграют от нового синтетического газона.

Вот основные причины, по которым собаки и их владельцы могут извлечь выгоду из искусственного травяного покрытия:

Dogs find artificial grass is soft and enjoyable to run and play on and will be pleased to ‘do their business’ on it. Moreover, it’s there all year round, and green all year round. Gone are the sun-dried, hard earth days, the too-muddy to play days and the days they can’t play on the natural lawn because you’ve just put fertilizer or weed-killer down or are planning a long stint of mowing.

Your kids can enjoy your artificial grass surface free from dog wear and tear, staining and smells. The artificial grass is permeable so any urine drains through the synthetic turf surface and any dirty things can be removed easily; what’s more, the artificial grass fibers will take no harm from this.
You’ll also have no more muddy patches to look at and no more muddy paws to clean before the dog’s are allowed back in the house! Every day of the year it can be the same.

Сад не пострадает от выкапывания или воздействия собачьей мочи / фекалий, он будет таким же зеленым круглый год, предлагая безопасное, чистое пространство для вас, ваших собак и ваших детей.