Arturf sport artificial turfs were installed on hundreds of soccer fields, tennis courts, and other sports fields worldwide for high schools, universities, municipalities, recreation centers, and soccer clubs. The products were proven with great UV-resistance, wear-resistance, and high-performance.

Football Field

Tennis Court


Field Hockey

Athletics Tracks




When it comes to sport artificial grass, all customers care about the performance and durability most. Arturf studies the characteristics of every sport and makes sure the best performance. We use the best quality raw materials and additives to make the artificial turf has a long lifespan. 

  • Player-friendly and highly resilient
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Proven durability, high strength, and tenacity

We, Team sports industry ltd., strives to ensure that all our valued customers receive the best industry-leading artificial turf and professional service. We provide related accessories as well with no profit to save your time and cost.

Installation Accessories for Sports Artificial Turf

Some accessories you can use for sport artificial grass installation. We provide these products with no profit or very little profit to save your time and cost. Our reliable partners always provide stable quality accessory products.