Maintaining a Synthetic Grass Tennis Court

Artificial turf is low maintenance, not no maintenance, which means that you should always remember to keep on top of the care of your tennis grass. The key to keeping your synthetic grass tennis court looking great is regular maintenance. Here are a few tips…

Remove Debris

Just like normal grass, debris will find its way onto a tennis court that is formed from artificial turf however it is important to ensure that is it removed promptly in order to keep the surface even. This is because the weight of heavy tree branches can weigh the turf down. Plus, the debris can look messy and cause a safety risk for tennis players. Rough material can be removed manually, such as cans, chip bags, etc. Small and fine material often has to be removed mechanically.


This is the most important aspect of the maintenance requirements in order to keep the surface in the best possible condition. Playing the tennis court for a long period will make the grass fibers pressed flat. By brushing the field with a power room, the fiber comes up again. Simply brush the turf in different directions in order to ensure that the infill is distributed equally and that the fibers are standing upright rather than lying flat. A manual brush can be time-consuming so it is cost-effective to invest in a power brush for large areas like tennis courts.

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