About Us

Your reliable artificial grass business partner with a full range of products and powerful support.

As one of the leading artificial grass manufacturers in China, Team sports industry ltd., also known as ARTURF, has a highly modernized artificial grass factory equipped with advanced yarn extruding machines, tufting machines, back coating machine. Staying on the cutting edge of synthetic grass technology & innovation, we will provide you with safer, longer-lasting, and better-looking synthetic grass which makes us the greatest value in the industry.

We have our own artificial grass yarn extruding plant, which makes sure the quality can be controlled from the very beginning with selected high-quality materials.

Artificial turf is a highly customizable product, and our factory can tailor-made products according to the specifications or samples you provide. OEM/ODM service is available for dealers. Besides, regular products are in stock for wholesale.

Our company has a well-established client network. Customers’ satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our mission is to enhance our market value through integrity, product value and customer satisfaction.

Why is it called “ARTURF”?
ARTURF= ART + TURF=The art of artificial turf manufacturing.
We love artificial turf. In our opinion, artificial turf is a work of art.

Why Us

Build your business on the shoulders of a reliable artificial turf manufacturer.

We take responsibility for QUALITY…
We control the quality from the very beginning. The raw material is one of the most important factors that affect the quality and cost of artificial grass. As a reliable artificial grass manufacturer, ARTURF works closely with raw material suppliers in China and the world. Besides, we have a strict standard for the whole process of manufacturing to ensure high quality.

We act with INTEGRITY in all we do…
We are honest in all aspects of our business. Never mark exaggerated specifications, no hidden cost in the quotation, no sales tactics. We always provide solid warranties for the products.

We deliver CUSTOMER satisfaction …
We are dedicated to satisfying our customers. ARTURF believes in respecting our customers, listening to their requests and understanding their expectations. We strive to exceed their expectations in affordability, quality, and on-time delivery. Customized specifications of artificial grass are acceptable to match our customers’ needs. 

We Supply a full package SOLUTION and SUPPORT
We provide professional solutions for customers from making purchasing decisions to installation and maintenance. We have a powerful dealer benefits package

Installation accessories such as rubber granules, seaming tape, adhesive, fence, lights are also available for one-stop shopping.