Artificial turf tennis courts require minimal upkeep, eliminating the need for frequent mowing, watering, or reseeding.

Artificial turf offers a reliable playing surface, ensuring consistent ball bounce and speed, enhancing players’ predictability and adaptability.

Robust fibers and backing guarantee longevity, even under heavy use and varied weather conditions, enabling year-round play.

Arturf Tennis Turf is Ideal For:

  • Private and public tennis clubs
  • Schools, universities, and public park tennis courts
  • Private home tennis courts
  • Hotel or business area sports zones
  • Sports centers
  • Housing development tennis courts
  • Indoor tennis courts

Versatile Installation Options

Our tennis artificial grass can be laid over various bases, including:

  • Cleaned and sealed existing tennis courts
  • Concrete or asphalt slabs
  • Crushed stone aggregate bases (ideal for areas with impervious surfacing laws)

Tennis Court Surface Characteristics

Our tennis turf offers a playing speed similar to concrete courts, classified as hard, but with increased elasticity for slightly higher ball bounce, reminiscent of red clay courts. It provides a safe and player-friendly tennis court surface.

In addition to synthetic grass and installation accessories, we also offer tennis court fences.

Color Options:

Green is the standard color for tennis courts, with green, blue, and red being the most common choices. Larger orders (over 1500m²) are required for blue or red color options.


Tennis Court Spain



Tennis Clubs Increasingly Choose Artificial Grass

Compared to clay or natural grass, artificial grass requires significantly less maintenance, is wear-resistant, stain-resistant, and user-friendly. Artificial grass tennis courts have a long lifespan and can be easily installed or renovated on existing sub-bases, offering cost advantages.

Permeability for All-Weather Play

The permeable nature of artificial grass courts allows for usage in any weather conditions, extending the outdoor tennis season. Say goodbye to canceled matches due to water-logged courts, making it a valuable choice for tennis clubs with busy competition schedules.

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