The more tennis you play the better skills you’re going to get. With Arturf tennis grass you can build all-weather and high-performance tennis courts. Our tennis grass is fast draining and unaffected by wet or dry conditions or extreme temperatures – This tennis court is always available for play!

Arturf Tennis Grass – The Surface of Choice

With appropriate infill, Arturf tennis turf provides a safe, high-performance, very even and non-directional playing surface. Our tennis turf is highly optimized for tennis play and player comfort. The surface is flat and flexible with the sand worked into the fibers.

Arturf Tennis Turf Is Ideal For:

  • Private and public tennis club
  • Schools/Universities and public parks tennis court surfaces
  • Private home tennis court surface
  • Hotel or sports zone of the business area tennis courts
  • Sports center tennis court
  • Housing development tennis court surface
  • Indoor tennis court surface

Tennis artificial grass can be laid over any sound base including:

  • An existing tennis court that has been cleaned and sealed
  • A concrete or asphalt slab
  • A crushed stone aggregate base – ideal for areas with impervious surfacing laws

Our synthetic grass tennis courts are similar to a natural grass or clay courts and allow our feet to slide slightly. It provides a safe, player-friendly flooring tennis court surface.

Tennis Artificial Grass Products

Our tennis turf offers a speed of play very similar to that of concrete: classified as hard, but it is more elastic, ensuring a slightly higher ball bounce, similar to red clay.

Color Options:

Theoretically speaking, we can customize the colors according to customers’request. Green, blue, red are the three most commonly used colors for tennis courts. But green (sport green or olive green) is the standard color. If blue and red tennis turf, we need to start the order from a quantity of 1000 square meters or above, and the price is higher.


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Tennis Clubs Increasingly Choose Artificial Grass

In comparison to clay or natural grass, artificial grass requires considerably less maintenance. It is resistant to wear, stain resistance and extremely user-friendly. Moreover, artificial grass tennis courts last a long time and are relatively easy to install or renovate on an existing sub-base-another benefit in terms of cost.

Another interesting advantage of artificial grass courts is their permeability. Since water doesn’t accumulate on the surface, they can be played on in any kind of weather, thus prolonging the outdoor tennis season. Canceling matches due to a water-logged court is a thing of the past: a significant consideration for tennis clubs with busy competition schedules.

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