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Artificial Grass Infills

What is Infill? In basic terms, infills are the substance that the installers put in between the blades. Infill is made up of small pieces of crushed material that are placed over the top of the artificial turf and lay within the blades of artificial grass. The synthetic grass infill facilitates a more plush, real-looking […]

Cut Artificial Grass To Match A Special Shaped Area

When starting to install artificial grass, you need to measure the area and roll artificial grass on the base and cut each section. Cut artificial grass to match the shape of your area is very import. Proper cutting will provide a clean and nice-looking installation. To make sure the artificial grass fits your area perfectly, […]

Common Mistakes When Installing Artificial Grass

When you want to install the artificial grass/synthetic turf by yourself, please try best to avoid the common mistakes which may happen when installing artificial grass: 1. Uneven Surfaces Imagine laying a carpet in your front room on an uneven surface, you will definitely wouldn’t do that. And the same should go for your Artificial […]

Why Use Rubber Granule Infill for Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf surfaces have traditionally been cushioned by the use of rubber granules. These rubber granules are known as artificial turf rubber infill and they serve a couple of purposes. 1. Allow the blades of artificial grass to stand upright The first is that the rubber granule infill allows the blades of artificial grass to […]