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How to Clean Residential Artificial Grass?

Firstly we should clean the artificial turf fiber with all the debris. Use a stiff-bristled broom or brush (be sure to avoid metal bristles, since these can damage the artificial grass), to remove debris from the artificial lawn. This will just clean the upper surface of the artificial grass, and the rest of the dirt […]

Sports Artificial Grass Maintenance

While there is significantly less maintenance with artificial grass than with natural grass, some tasks are still necessary to ensure your artificial turf field continues to perform at the highest level. The correct maintenance of a sport artificial turf pitch ensures that the optimum performance of the facility is achieved for the longest period of […]

Landscape Artificial Lawn Maintenance

Compared to real grass, artificial lawn maintenance is a breeze. After artificial lawn installation has been completed, there are no more worries about mowing, weeding, fertilizing, or regular watering. Even still, the artificial lawn is not entirely maintenance-free. Artificial lawn Maintenance: Remove Debris Regularly Your artificial turf lawn should be kept as free from debris […]