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Build your business on the shoulders of a leading artificial grass manufacturer. 

Are you looking to import artificial grass for higher profitability rather than sourcing locally?
Do you seek a more dependable supplier for your artificial grass needs?
Are you interested in a part-time or full-time business opportunity?
Are you considering adding artificial grass as a lucrative sideline to your existing business?

Look no further than Arturf!

By partnering with us, you’ll enjoy the following dealership benefits:

  1. Unwavering Quality Assurance: Our stable and consistent quality guarantees peace of mind.
  2. Competitive Dealer Pricing: Secure artificial grass at competitive prices to maximize your market advantage.
  3. Customization Options: Enjoy the convenience of our OEM/ODM services, tailoring artificial turf products specifically for your business. Leverage our expertise to recommend suitable products for your market, or provide us with samples to replicate (ensuring no patent infringement).
  4. Financial Support for VIP Dealers: Exclusive financial assistance available for our valued partners.
  5. Dedicated Professional Team: Receive comprehensive support from our experienced team.
  6. Marketing Assistance: Benefit from our marketing expertise, including tailored suggestions, complimentary marketing material printing, and, if required, a free website and hosting (or IT support).
  7. Robust Warranty: Our products come with a reliable warranty for added customer satisfaction.
  8. And much more…

If you are interested to be a dealer of ours, please fill out the contact form below. We will have a representative to contact you within 48 hours.