High-Performance Artificial Grass for Football

Arturf’s artificial football turf is meticulously designed to emulate the characteristics of natural grass. Its soft, non-abrasive fibers closely resemble natural grass in terms of color, feel, and performance. We offer both traditional football turf grass, which requires silica sand and crumb rubber infills, as well as non-infill artificial football turf.

Infilled Football Turf System

Artificial football turf requires infill to maintain its upright position, provide resilience, shock attenuation, and ballast. Both the turf and infill components are crucial to its performance, working together as a system. This infill system has proven to be the most effective solution for football to date.

Featured Infilled Football Grass

Recommended Accessories

Silica Sand

  • Stabilizes and supports the system.
  • Environmentally beneficial.
  • Accounts for 70% of the total infill weight.

Rubber Granule

  • Provide a softer surface and enhanced bounce.
  • Rounded granules resist floating or displacement in high-use areas.
  • Environmentally beneficial.
  • Accounts for 30% of the total infill weight.

Remember, the infill should be considered as one element within a comprehensive system consisting of synthetic turf, infill, and shock pad (Optional layer), with each component interacting and influencing the others.

Infilled Football Grass Installation

For optimal performance, we recommend hiring a professional installer for your football turf. To learn more about the installation process, watch the informative video below. It provides a concise overview of the steps involved.

YouTube player

The project showed in the video above is in Italy. The pitch was installed by our partner.

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