High-Performance Football Artificial Grass 

Arturf artificial football turf is designed to replicate natural grass. It has soft, non-abrasive fibers that replicate natural in color, feel and performance. We not only provide 3G artificial grass which needs silica sand and crumb rubber as infills, but also non-infill artificial football turf.

Artificial Football Grass Infill System

Artificial football turf needs infill to keep upright and provide resiliency, shock attenuation, and ballast. Both artificial turf and infill play quite important roles in the performance and they work as a system. This system has been proven to be the most favorable solution for football to date.

Featured Infilled Football Grass

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  • Stabilizes and supports the system.
  • Environmentally beneficial.
  • Accounts for 70% of total infill weight.


  • Provide a softer surface and give bounce.
  • Rounded granules resist floating or displacement in high-use areas.
  • Environmentally beneficial.
  • Accounts for 30% of total infill weight.

Infill should be treated as one element of an overall system that is comprised of synthetic turf, infill, and shock pad with each element interacting and affecting the others.

Infilled Football Grass Installation

To make sure the performance, you should hire a professional artificial grass installer to lay the football grass. If you are interested in learning more about the installation steps, the short video below is going to tell you the full process.

The project showed in the video above is in Italy. The pitch was installed by our partner.