Multi-sport pitches are extremely practical for boroughs, schools, hotels, universities, and health centers, which have to satisfy as many users as possible in a flexible and hassle-free manner. Many of them need to support multiple sports and recreational needs but have limited space.

Synthetic grass allows teams to practice and play games under all weather conditions, and it easily accommodates multiple sports to be played on one field. Using different colors for inlaid game markings, a field’s return on investment can be greatly increased.

Some Examples Of Our Multi-purpose Sport Fields

Features Of Artificial Grass Multi-sport Fields

  • These multi-purpose playgrounds and sports facilities encourage children to be more active and to play sports.
  • Synthetic grass is safe for children to play on even in rain.
  • Consistent playing surface for football, soccer, lacrosse, and rugby
  • Flexible netting can divide the area, allowing several different activities on the turf surface simultaneously.

Multi-sport Artificial Grass