Problems on Poor Quality Football Artificial Grass System

A whole artificial grass football field system including the football grass, base, and infills. The three parts work together to define the performance of a football field and the lifespan of the football grass. Here we list some problems on poor quality football artificial grass systems. If you are planning a synthetic grass football field, please do your best to avoid these problems.

Problem 1: Color-changing or fading after football grass installed for a few months or 1-2 years.

Several factors may cause this:

1. The quality of the artificial grass yarn/fiber does not meet the industry standard. For example, the additive of UV, anti-aging is not enough.
2. The composition of artificial grass yarn materials is not reasonable or contains too much bad quality additive.
3. The machines of artificial turf yarn were outdated, which will cause worse workmanship and unstable artificial turf yarns and synthetic grass fibers.
4. Environmental problems such as strong UV, acid rain, and industrial pollution.

Problem 2: Artificial grass fibers get destroyed in a short period

Several factors may cause this:

1. Extremely frequently used. Fibrillated yarn will split to 50-60 splits 4-5 years later and worst 1-2 years later.
2. Use polypropylene as the main material of artificial grass yarn. PP is harder, crisper, and easier to pilling and chalking.

Problem 3: The artificial lawn becoming hairless.

Several factors may cause this:

1. Bad workmanship, or less quality backing, those will cause the backing to hold the artificial grass yarn not so strongly.
2. Using less durable artificial grass fiber materials.
3. The infill of sands does not meet the standards. The artificial grass surface will be hurt if the sand is too large or not smooth.

Problem 4: Backing broke

Several factors may cause this:

1. The backing is too thin, commonly use just one layer of pp fabric.
2. The quality of artificial turf coating material is not so good, or use too much coating materials.
3. The base is not flat and smooth which will hurt the backing of artificial turf.
4. The drainage system is not so good and the backing soaks in the water for a long time.

Problem 5: Color seemed different in some parts of the artificial grass surface.

Several factors may cause this:

1. Poor quality synthetic grass yarn. The sickness of the yarn is not the same in every stitch, and the color is not stable which will cause the artificial grass field to look with different colors.
2. The infill of sand and rubber granules were not distributed well. It will cause the artificial grass seemed to have slightly different colors.
3. The base is not flat which will cause the artificial grass surface not flat. It may cause the surface to look in different grade green colors.
4. Bad quality artificial grass infills contaminates the artificial grass surface.