Artificial Grass Logo

A logo is one of the most important images for a company or an organization. A well-designed logo will make more people remember you. How to display the logo to people is also an art. An artificial grass logo is a great option for landscape companies, sports clubs, cafés, restaurants, and shops.

How to make an artificial grass logo? There are three ways.

1. Print the logo on artificial grass

The logo is printed on a carpet-looking artificial lawn. Normally, this kind of artificial grass is short pile but high density. Such as our artificial grass product Flex.


  • The shape and colors can be very close to the original logo.
  • Materials are not difficult to obtain. A nearby advertising production shop may perform the work.


  • The colors of the logo on artificial turf are not permanent. They fade fast.
  • The pattern is printed, seems cheap.
  • The type of artificial turf is limited. It is difficult to print logos on long hair artificial grass.

2. Inlay artificial grass logos

The process is complicated and should be well planned in advance. In brief, following the design of the logo, cut the proper colors of artificial grass to certain shapes. Secondly, put each piece of artificial turf in the right position. Thirdly, join them together with joining tape and glue, or with super self-adhesive joining tape. Then you will have an artificial grass logo.



  • It is difficult to purchase a small quantity of artificial grass with the appropriate colors.
  • Every piece of artificial grass has to be cut precisely according to the logo design, a lot of patience and skills are needed.
  • To ensure a good result, the fibers of each artificial grass should face to the same direction. A lot of artificial turfs will be wasted.
  • The joint may split under high wear
  • The colors may not be exactly the same as the original logo design. It is limited by the colors of the artificial turf you can get.

3. Tufted artificial grass logos

Tufted artificial grass logos are made of common artificial turf fibers with one or more colors, using a special tufting machine. The special machine allows us to tuft your design directly into the grass. The individual elements of the design do not need to be cut in or painted on, as two ways mentioned above.


  • Permanent colors, the colors are built in the artificial grass yarns
  • It is a whole piece of artificial grass mat, no cut and joint, super wear-resistance, ideal for high traffic areas
  • Pattern can be made according to the high-quality image provided
  • No material wasted


  • Comparing with the traditional artificial turf tufting, the production is slower
  • The colors may not be exactly the same as the original logo design. It is limited by the colors of the yarns the supplier has.


I think you have your own conclusion after you read all the content above. The last one – A quality tufted artificial grass logo is the best if you can get one at an acceptable price. It seems professional and luxurious, making your property more attractive.