Ball Bounce and Ball Reaction on Tennis Artificial Grass

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If you are going to construct a tennis court, you must want to have a low-maintenance and durable court, but first of all, the surface should offer good performance for tennis sport playing.

For tennis players, what they concern most to a tennis court, besides the surface safety, is the ball bounce and ball reaction. In being familiar with ball reaction to a tennis court surface, one is able to better estimate the time in which the opposing player will hit the ball—a necessary skill needed for a successful tennis match.

The synthetic turf tennis court have a very similar ball bounce reaction as hard surface tennis court. Between the two kinds of courts, reaction time, the feel underneath the feet, and the surface grip are the most similar.

With several models of artificial grass products made specifically for tennis, there are many choices in which these factors can vary. With such choices, players have their own preferences and priorities, allowing them to chose the surface that best suits their performance. Artificial turf tennis courts are the ideal substitute for regular tennis courts because of their ability to remain durability, while positively enhancing performance. An artificial grass court can accommodate all types of players, ensuring safety and accurate ball reaction for every match.

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