S-Shaped Monofilament Fibers Artificial Grass

Many customers like artificial grasses with S-shaped yarns because they are more resilient. S-shaped monofilament artificial grass yarn can be used both for football and landscape.

S-Shape Fibers Football Grass

The S-shaped fiber is designed to create the “ultimate” artificial surface. Polyethylene S-shaped fibers for unbeatable resilience, complimented by rubber granule infill that the football grass gives a realistic look and feel along with increased safety and performance.

S-Shaped fibers are for landscape and playground grass

The s-shaped fibers are also used for landscape and playground artificial grass. As we know, these kinds of artificial lawns mostly have thatch in the root zone, the thatch (curly fibers) supports the straight fibers stand up without any infills. The landscape turfs with s-shaped straight fibers are very natural looking and resilient.