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Why Choose Polyurethane Backed Artificial Grass

The coating is very important for a synthetic grass backing. When comes to the coating of artificial grass, the most common materials are SBR/Latex and polyurethane (PU). They both have advantages. Urethane is costlier, but it’s also heavy-duty (to hold tuft binds securely). In this article, we introduce the benefits of polyurethane (PU) backed artificial […]

Artificial Grass For Indoor Sports

Artificial grass is not only used for outdoor purposes, although that is where the vast majority of applications takes place. Indoor artificial grass is in use for a number of sporting purposes, providing the perfect playing surface without the accompanying problems that you hear about with the outdoor applications. Indoor Artificial Putting Greens Indoor artificial […]

Misconceptions about Artificial Lawn

There are several common misconceptions out there about artificial lawn. Back in the day, replacing your natural lawn with a synthetic one meant giving up quite a bit – comfort, looks, status, and money. Things have certainly changed. Today’s breed of artificial lawns almost comes with everything a standard natural lawn provides and more. I’d […]

Use Shock Pad for Artificial Grass Sport Fields or Playgrounds

The safe is always the first concern when constructing a sports field. The installation of a sand-filled artificial grass over a shock pad base can provide a softer surface that meets safety needs of sports fields or playground. Artificial grass shock pad creates a soft landing surface for athletes or children with varying critical fall […]

Artificial Grass is Used in More and More Places

More and more homeowners have chosen to install artificial grass or putting greens in their outdoor spaces. And as time has gone on the versatility of these products has allowed for their use in a variety of other exciting applications. Where You Can Use Artificial Grass • Backyard putting greens• Synthetic lawns• Landscaping turf at […]