Why Choose Polyurethane Backed Artificial Grass

The coating is very important for a synthetic grass backing. When comes to the coating of artificial grass, the most common materials are SBR/Latex and polyurethane (PU). They both have advantages. Urethane is costlier, but it’s also heavy-duty (to hold tuft binds securely). In this article, we introduce the benefits of polyurethane (PU) backed artificial grass detailedly.

1. Improved resistance to tearing

The polyurethane is distributed evenly among the fibers, which thus have better adhesion to the backing.

2. The carpet lasts longer

Compared to latex, polyurethane does not crumble or degrade. Aging tests have demonstrated that even under extreme weather conditions, polyurethane will help the carpet to last longer.

3. Lighter weight and easier to install

With PU backing the product is lighter, more flexible and moldable compared to latex backed products. The pieces of artificial grass are more easily handled because they are lighter, easier to cut because of the thin flexible backing and show a considerably improved adaptation capacity to land unevenness when installed. Because PU does not stiffen under the influence of lower temperatures the product can easily be installed in less favorable weather conditions.

4. Suitable for pets

PU backed artificial grass doesn’t absorb moisture, liquids and therefore, urine. This is handy for dog owners as it greatly reduces the hygiene and odor issue associated with dogs. However, we do still advise you wash the area through regularly with water and if needed use a diluted disinfectant for hygiene reasons.

In most cases, SBR backed artificial grass is good enough. If you are looking for artificial grass for pets, or the highest quality products with enough budget, polyurethane is the best choice.