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Cost of Import Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is going more and more popular nowadays. We get several inquiries every day, and the most frequently-asked question is what is the cost for a particular project. Most visitors who come across this page are out of China, and they plan to import artificial grass from a manufacturer directly to save cost. So here this article is hoping to give you a brief overview of the cost structure of importing artificial grass.

Infill Or Non-infill Artificial Grass, Which Is Better?

Do I need infill for my artificial grass, do you have non-infill artificial grass? Infill or non-infill, which one is better? These are the questions we are asked frequently. Generally speaking, no mater for play areas or football fields, we always recommend using infill for the traditional artificial grass to add stability, resistance, and durability. […]

Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

We built this artificial grass cost calculator to estimate the material cost. The calculation result does not include freight and import tax if you are out of China. As artificial grass prices vary on different specifications, what you see here is an average cost. It is a good tool to get a general idea of […]

Why Choose Polyurethane Backed Artificial Grass

The coating is very important for a synthetic grass backing. When comes to the coating of artificial grass, the most common materials are SBR/Latex and polyurethane (PU). They both have advantages. Urethane is costlier, but it’s also heavy-duty (to hold tuft binds securely). In this article, we introduce the benefits of polyurethane (PU) backed artificial […]

Five Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can be used to improve the look of your home garden. Not only will artificial grass look beautiful and clean all year round, but it will also save you plenty of time and money that you would normally spend on maintaining your lawn area. When it comes to choosing artificial grass for your […]