Customized Artificial Grass Products

Customized artificial grass is one of the factors that sets us apart from our competitors. Our dealers can develop the market easier and faster with the unique synthetic products and have more margin.

Why you need customized artificial grass?

People in different countries may have different tastes for products. Some products are very popular in one country, but in another country, people may do not like it at all. This same applies to artificial grass. People in different countries may like different kinds of artificial grass products, especially the colors, pile height and the softness level. Fortunately, as a formidable artificial grass manufacturer, Arturf provides customized products to our valuable artificial grass dealers.

As an artificial grass installer or wholesaler, to avoid the simple price competition, you may need your products to be unique on the local market. We can customize unique products basing on your market taste. This will give you more margin. If you focus on landscape and playground artificial grass, you must need several turfs to fit the needs of different customers. The natural-looking and unique products will be your strong competitiveness.

The customization lines in the following aspects:

  • Pile height: We can produce artificial grass pile height from 8mm to 65mm.
  • Density: We can change stitches per square meter to reach your target price or the performance you like.
  • Dtex: Dtex is a manufacturing term relating to artificial grass turf yarn measurement. We can change Dtex to make the grass stronger or softer.
  • Backing options: For most applications, we recommend SBR Latex backing or polyurethane backing (Costlier). If the grass is special for pets, you can consider UltraFlow backing. 
  • Blade shape: The blade shape will affect the resilience and touch feeling of artificial grass. We have more than eight blade shapes for reference. All these are inspired by natural grass.
  • Colors: We can change the colors to match your market.


The artificial grasses we display on the website are just some of our popular products. Our factory developed more than 150 products, and we can make the products according to your specifications or samples, and we can also make some changes basing on existing products on your requirements. With unique products, you can win more customers and projects.