Can I buy Cheap Artificial Grass

Everyone likes an evergreen and minimized maintenance artificial turf surface, but not everyone has a large budget for it. If you have not enough budget, you might want to purchase cheap artificial grass.

Can I buy cheap artificial grass? It depends on your application. If for no-traffic areas such as wall grass, shop windows, you do not need to purchase expensive products; for low-traffic areas, there are also many low-priced artificial turfs. Even for sports fields, the artificial grass manufacturer can still adjust the specifications to make the price match or closer to your budget (We will talk about this later).

There are two common misunderstandings about the cheap artificial grass.

Misunderstanding 1: All artificial grass made in China is cheap.

Nowadays most artificial grass factories are located in China, and most of the turfs manufactured are exported to other countries. Mostly, if the size of the project is larger than 2000 square meters, the cost to import artificial grass from China is even less than buying from a local supplier. We have the best supply chain, lower labor costs, and experienced workers, etc. These factors make sure our prices are competitive on the market. Especially comparing with American or Europen manufacturers. But this does not mean all our artificial grass is cheap. Chinese manufacturers can produce the highest standard of artificial grass on earth. Certainly, then it is not cheap, but still competitive.

So to be precise, the price of artificial grass made in China is more competitive.

We are so proud to tell all customers that our artificial grass is made in China. With our products, you can have high-quality artificial grass at a very affordable price.

Misunderstanding 2: Cheap artificial grass=bad quality artificial grass

No, at Arturf, cheap artificial grass does not mean bad quality. We always apply the finest quality materials and the best workmanship. The materials, tuft process, and coating of cheaper artificial grass is the same as luxury artificial grass.

At Arturf, we define cheap artificial grass as the shorter blade, low Dtex, and stitch density artificial grass.

As we know artificial grass can be used in all the conditions where real grass is used, for some areas there is no much traffic, such as rooftops, event or temporary applications, landscaping areas, you can use some shorter blade, less wear-resistance and less dense artificial grass, what we call “cheap artificial grass”.

Why is this artificial grass cheaper and can I buy cheap artificial grass?

As mentioned above, cheap artificial grass does not mean bad quality. The materials, tuft process, and coating of cheaper artificial grass are the same as luxury artificial grass. Why is this grass cheaper? Because the cost of this artificial grass is lower. Artificial grass contains two most important components: Fibers and Backing(including coating). The backing for one type of artificial grass is similar, so the cost of artificial grass fibers will determine the cost of the grass. If the grass has more fibers per square meter, it has a higher cost and will be priced higher.

We use face weight to describe the fibers that the grass use per square meter. Now you will understand that less face weight, less cost, cheaper price. We can change the specifications to fit your particular project and budget. 

Common methods to make the reduce the cost&price:

  1. To reduce the cost by less face weight, we can make artificial grass with shorter piles. For example, using 10mm carpet-looking artificial grass for products exhibition; using 25mm landscape artificial grass for a garden instead of 30mm, using 40mm football grass for a futsal instead of 50mm.
  2. To reduce the cost, we can use fibers with lower Dtex. For example, we can apply 11000Dtex instead of 12500 Dtex for football grass.
  3. To reduce the cost, we can reasonably reduce the stitch rate(Less dense). For example, we can apply 17850 stitches/m2 instead of 18900 stitches/m2 for a garden artificial grass.

To buy low-priced artificial grass, please feel free to contact us. Our representative will give you proper and professional solutions and suggestions.