How to Find a Reliable Artificial Grass Supplier

Artificial grass is widely used around the world. It can be used for a lot of applications. You may often see artificial grass sports fields in your town, artificial lawn gardens nearby, artificial grass decoration in a shopping mall. Artificial grass is so commonly used and you may want to buy it for your garden, backyard or even sports field. The demand for artificial grass is rising, if you are a businessman, you may want to step into this industry.

How to choose the right artificial grass? Our answer is to cooperate with a reliable and professional artificial grass supplier.

No matter you are a personal user or business trader, a good supplier is one of the most important factors to ensure a successful project or business. They can offer professional recommendations, high-quality products, no-worry aftersales service, and even financial support.

Then, how to find a reliable and professional supplier? As personal users and business traders have quite different focuses, we introduce our suggestions in two separate parts.

1. How to find a reliable and professional supplier if you are a personal user?

If you have a small artificial grass project, the basic consideration is to complete the job simple, cost-effective and high-performance. 

Step1: Get the contact information

There are many ways to get artificial grass supplier’s contact information.

a. Check with the project owner. If you see an envied artificial grass project and want to have a similar one, check with the project owner. In most cases, the owner will tell you the contact information or tell you how to find it if no business profit conflict.

b. Advertisement. There may be artificial grass selling advertisements on TV, outdoor advertisement board, etc.

c. Google keywords “Artificial Grass”: If you cannot find a supplier through the above two ways, there is a big chance you can find some useful information on Google. Nowadays almost every firm does online promotion. Google will suggest the local suppliers if there are some suppliers in your city or nearby city. If no one in the nearby city, I am sure there are suppliers in your country.

Step 2: Ask for samples

Almost all suppliers provide free samples. Ask them to send you free samples for checking. If possible, request samples from 2-3 suppliers so you can compare the products and price.



Step 3. Compare the products and prices

If you can get free samples from several suppliers, compare the appearance, quality, and prices. At this stage, you can get a basic sense of quality by visual inspection and hand checking. Try to pull the fibers out from the backing. If a high-quality product, the backing should hold the yarn tightly and you cannot pull the fibers out easily. Touch and press the surface of the turf to feel the density and flexibility.

When comparing the prices, please compare the products with similar specifications and quality.

Step 4. Check The Reviews And Arrange A Site Visit If Possible

If the suppliers promote their business on some directory websites, you may find some reviews and comments under their listings. These reviews and comments are valuable to help you make the decision. You can also interact with some users to get more information.

Step 5. Make The Decision

Purchase from the supplier who you think is most reliable and professional. As you have already got offers from other suppliers and you already have a sense of pricing, Burgin with a lower but logical price with the supplier you want to work with if the prices are negotiable. Before sign the contract, please make sure you have cleared the services that are included in the contract besides the product, and one more thing, ask them to write the warranty details on the contract.

2. How to find a reliable and professional supplier if you are a business trader or artificial grass installer/reseller?

The market for artificial grass is continually raising. There are a lot of manufacturers around the world. Most of them are located in China, the USA, and Europe. Just like other industries, some new manufacturers will appear and some may disappear in the future. As an artificial grass dealer/trader, stand on the shoulders of one or two leading artificial grass suppliers will stabilize or speed up your business, and reduce the complaint as well.

Step1: Get The Contact Information

As mentioned above there are a lot of artificial grass manufacturers around the world, but not in every country. You are lucky if there are artificial grass factories in your country. A domestic supplier will save shipping cost, ensure faster delivery, and you do not need to take a lot of stock. You can easily get the contact information of a domestic artificial grass manufacturer.

If there are no artificial grass manufacturers in your country or even there are such factories, but their prices are not competitive, Import the products from other countries will be a good option.

How can you get the contact information of international suppliers? There are three main ways:

a. Exhibitions

Many suppliers will attend exhibitions categorized in construction, gardening, flooring, sports&recreation. Check with the exhibition organizer if there are artificial grass suppliers attend the fair before visiting. This simple checking will save you time, and you can do some background research if you can get some suppliers’ names in advance.

In the exhibitions, you can discuss with the sales face to face, and check the physical samples by yourself. Some suppliers offer free samples at the exhibition, so you can take some samples for comparison later.

Visiting exhibitions is the most efficient way but not always convenient for most of the buyers. Such kind of exhibition is normally only held once a year, in large or international cities.

No worry if you cannot visit an exhibition, the following two ways will solve the problem.

b. B2B website

Nowadays most artificial grass manufacturers list their business on business-to-business websites. You can easily find the contact information on these websites.

c. Google

Everyone knows how to find useful information from Google. The general searching keywords are “artificial grass, synthetic grass, artificial turf, or synthetic turf”. Anyhow, we suggest making it more detailed such as “artificial grass manufacturers”, “artificial grass factory”. If you have the idea of the target production of origin, plus the country/region, such as “artificial grass China”, “Artificial grass manufacturers China”. You will find the official websites of many artificial grass manufacturers in this way. Visit their websites and get the contact information.

Step 2: Write An Effective Inquiry

Artificial grass is a highly customizable product. For different applications, the needs of the characters are different. Even for the same application, the specifications can be quite different. So tell the suppliers more information than just “please send me your catalog and best price”. This kind of simple inquiry will be a big headache for sales.

Our suggestion is to tell the suppliers your plan or project as detailed as possible. According to our experience, inquiries with the following information will get priority response:

a. Clear applications, for example: for gardens, football, tennis, putting green.
b. Your current business scope, where you purchase artificial grass now if you are already involved in this business, and your plan for further co-operation.
c. The details of the project. If you have a particular project, tell the supplier the details such as the size if you already have.

It is easily understood why inquiries with details getting more priority: the sales will treat you as a real buyer, not just walking around.

For business, we recommend sending inquiries to 10+ suppliers.

Step 3: Ask for Samples

Most artificial grass manufacturers provide free samples. Select several suppliers whom you feel comfortable and reliable to communicate with, ask them to send you samples and quotations. If you already have experience in the artificial grass industry, and you know what kind of products match your market, tell the details to the suppliers. The details including pile height, face weight range if you have, color taste, etc.

It is better if the suppliers can tell you what samples they will send before calling the courier. If the products you want are not included, please rediscuss and confirm. This extra step may save time and money-the samples take about one week to reach you and cost more than $30 for international packages.

Compare the samples and quotations. When comparing the samples, Use the same method we mentioned above. (1. How to find a reliable and professional supplier if you are a personal user? – Step 3. Compare the products and prices)

Step 4. testimonial / Reference

We found many suppliers put a block of “testimonial” on their websites. It is a good way to convince customers to make the purchase decision. But that is far than enough. We recommend you contact a company or person who has done business with the supplier to get more facts. Ask the artificial grass manufacturers if they can provide such kind of contacts for a reference.

Step 5. Factory Tours

If artificial grass takes a large part of your business, it is necessary to arrange a factory visiting.

During the factory tour, we recommend paying attention to the points below:

a. The hardware facilities. do they have a fiber plant or yarn outsourcing; how many tufting lines they have; how many coating lines they have (most artificial grass manufacturers have 1-2 coating lines); the raw materials, the raw materials, and finished goods warehouse.

b. The software facilities. Is their plant clean? Is the manufacturing process orderly? Is the mental outlook of the workers good? Do the sales and tech staff perform professional during the reception?

c. Manufacturing process. You will understand the product better if you are familiar with the manufacturing process. A factory visit is the best opportunity to learn the product. Try your best to learn the fiber extruding, turf tufting and coating processes. Learn the primary backing, secondary backing, the turf width, and length, etc. Try to be an expert on the products you are selling. Answering your potential clients like an expert, you will get more orders.

d. What kind of support they can provide: can they manufacture tailored products and exclusively sell to you in your market? Is it possible to become an exclusive dealer? Is financial support available? and other even deeply co-operation terms.

e. Other aspects such as how many containers they load during your visit; how far to the loading port, etc.

You can visit several manufacturers to compare their strength and support (including price). I am sure you will make the right decision.

Buy From An Artificial Grass Manufacturer Directly If You Are A Dealer/installer

If you are an artificial grass dealer or installer, or you want to start this business, you should go directly with an artificial grass manufacturer. If you have a large project and size larger than 1000 square meters, in most cases, buy from a manufacturer directly will save you cost.

Arturf is one of the leading artificial grass manufacturers in China. We provide customers natural-looking, high-quality, and performance-driven products with great UV-resistance and wear-resistance. All products are at competitive prices and delivered with a solid warranty. Feel free to contact us for free quotation and samples.