Things To Consider Before Ordering Synthetic Grass

These years synthetic grass is more and more popular for sports fields, home gardens and playgrounds. People who want to buy artificial grass include sports fields constructors, artificial grass installers, and landscape companies. These people have rich experience in artificial turf industry and know how to find a proper product and reliable supplier.

And there are also some private customers buy artificial lawn for their own projects, such as home gardens, backyards, rooftops, or residential putting greens. They do not have rich knowledge on artificial grass. Sometimes they are confused with the quality of the products, and they want to buy quality and affordable artificial grass from China but do not have importing experience. Here I list several elements to help you to make a right decision:

1. Fit your application
Artificial turf is widely used in football field, tennis court, field hockey, baseball field, playground, garden and so on. Tell the project details to your supplier to let them give you a proper solution, as detailed as possible.

For home garden and playground projects we recommend 20mm-40mm thickness artificial grass, polyethylene monofilament fiber system with thatch zone, this kind of artificial lawn can supply a soft and flexible surface.

2. Find a reliable artificial turf supplier
Here reliable we mean supply quality products with good service and guarantee. A good supplier dose not just supply what you request, but also give you the best solutions and options for reference, even some options bring less profit.

3. Artificial Lawn Roll size
Artificial lawn is a carpet looking product, packed in rolls. Factories make 2m, 3.8m, 4m or 5m width rolls. This is limited by the tufting and coating machine. Most factories supply 2m and 4m width rolls, length as request.

The principle to decide the roll size is less cutting and joint when installing the grass. So measure the size of your field and ask your supplier for roll size suggestions.

4. Importing synthetic grass
More and more customers import goods from other countries because it costs less, even for personal customers. Please note you do not have to learn much international business knowledge. Artificial grass is normally packed in rolls like carpet, shipped by sea. Call an international shipping company, tell them the loading port, destination port, HS code, weight and volume of the goods, they will check the shipping cost, tax and other fees for you. You can find the goods information from the suppliers.