Raw Material Affecting the Quality and Price of Artificial Grass

As one of the leading synthetic grass manufacturers in China, we provide our valuable customers high-quality products at very competitive prices. But as you know, there are always better offers on the market. In a free and competitive market, you will get what you pay. We may not able to offer the cheapest price, but we use high-quality selected raw materials to ensure quality. Here in this we article will introduce the major factors that will affect the product quality and cost.

An artificial grass product contains two main parts: yarn and backing. The yarn is made of resin pellets, additives, and masterbatch(determine the color). Quality of resin pellets and additives affect the yarn quality and cost a lot. For the backing, coating materials affect its quality and cost a lot. Therefore, we will analyze factors that affect the quality and prices of the three aspects: resin pellets, additives, and coating.

1.PE/PP Resin Pellets

The main material for artificial grass yarn is PP(polypropylene) and PE(polyethylene. Most of our yarns are made of polyethylene, and polypropylene is mainly used to make thatch yarn.

If the artificial grass yarn is extruded with recycled PE or PE, the cost will be much lower, but as the purity is not enough, the yarn will be in uneven shades and dark color, easier to break when exposed to the sun and rain. Some are even with heavy material. It is very harmful to the health of human beings.

Arturf always uses the best quality PE/PP resin pellets from CNPC and Sinopec. The materials contain no heavy metals, tested, and proved by SGS. Comparing with some other artificial grass manufacturers in China, our cost of raw material may be a little higher, this may bring our price 0.2-0.5USD higher per square meter, but we believe that It’s worth it.

2. Additives

The additive is a must for artificial grass yarn. Several kinds of additives are needed to improve the performance of artificial grass, including the plasticizer, curing agent, antioxidant, anti-ultraviolet agent, bacteriostat agent, fire retardant, wear-resisting, masterbatch granules… The quality and quantity of these additives will affect the quality and price a lot.

Some factories use less-quality artificial grass additives which contain harmful materials to reduce the cost. For example, a curing agent with ethylenediamine may bring dermatitis edema to the skin. Stabilizer with lead compound make bring a headache, insomnia, and even affect children’s mental development. Benzopyrene in colorant may lead to cancer.

Safety is the fundamental point of every product. There are many people including kids play on artificial grass, safety is always the first concern.

Meanwhile, if the quality of additives is good but the quantity is not put enough, it will affect the performance as well. Maybe you have seen that on some projects the color of artificial grass was fading fast. It is because the quality of anti-UV additives is not good or the quantity is not enough.

Arturf always uses high-quality additives and we can also adjust the formula of artificial grass additives according to the weather conditions of different areas. Our aim is to deliver the best quality artificial grass to our honored customers.

3. Coating

Coating fixed yarns to the artificial grass backing. You can take out the yarn from backing easily without coating. Obviously, quality is very important because the system needs to bear a lot of traffic especially artificial sports fields.

The cost of coating makes artificial turf prices quite different when other specifications same. Our artificial turfs apply special coating adhesives imported from BASF. The price of BASF adhesive is more than 15000RMB(2300USD) per ton, but the common coating adhesive is around 8000RMB(1200USD) per ton.

We apply BASF artificial grass coating glue because it is made with the highest standard of the industry. The durability makes sure the backing holds the fibers tightly. At the same time, this coating has a perfect waterproof ability.

There are two main materials of artificial grass coating adhesives: Latex and Polyurethane. Polyurethane coating is about one US dollar higher per square meter if than latex coating.

We get questions almost daily that which one is better- the answer is that the Polyurethane backing for synthetic turf is better and will last longer than, resulting in much longer warranties on Polyurethane (PU) backed products, but latex coating is good enough as well.

Latex backing: Latex is an environmentally safe product in terms of both production method and use. Latex coating holds tuft binds securely.

Polyurethane backing: it is the superior choice for households with pets because polyurethane backing will not absorb moisture, liquids, or urine as latex does, and so greatly reduces hygiene/odor issues associated with dogs.


The quality of the raw material affects the quality and cost of artificial grass products. When you make a plan to purchase artificial grass, never just focus on the price. We suggest to invest more time to find out two or three reliable suppliers, and request samples for checking and comparison. You will get the right product. Please do not forget ARTURF, Free quotation and samples are available for you.