Enhancing Playtime Safety: Artificial Turf Playground Project in Sweden

Artificial Turf Sweden

Discover how a remarkable 432m2 artificial turf playground project recently transformed the landscape in Motala, Sweden. As part of this groundbreaking initiative, our dealer’s team proudly installed our top-of-the-line luxury product, Hero35. This c-shaped-yarn artificial lawn not only offers an unmatched aesthetic appeal but also sets a new standard for natural-looking styles in the synthetic grass market. Let’s delve into the features that make this playground surface extraordinary, ensuring safety and durability for years to come.

C-Shaped Fibers for Optimal Performance:

The Hero35 boasts unique c-shaped (sometimes referred to as u-shaped) fibers that effortlessly keep the grass standing upright. This distinctive feature ensures a consistently beautiful playground surface, enabling children to frolic and play without compromising the grass’s appearance. In addition, our cutting-edge 14000Dtex fibers provide unrivaled support, allowing us to confidently offer an impressive 8-year warranty.

Prioritizing Safety and Durability:

At our development team, we prioritize the safety of children and pets, investing extensive efforts into designing playground artificial grass that is soft, durable, and secure. Safety is always our utmost concern. To achieve this, we meticulously combine the finest artificial turf raw materials with the latest equipment and technology. The result is a playground surface that not only withstands rigorous play but also offers a peace of mind to parents and caregivers.


The completion of the 432m2 artificial turf playground project in Motala, Sweden marks a significant milestone in the realm of playground safety and aesthetics. Our exceptional Hero35 artificial lawn, featuring c-shaped fibers and high-quality materials, offers a natural look and enhanced durability. With a firm commitment to safety and years of worry-free play, this playground surface sets the bar high for future projects. Experience the difference today and provide children with an inviting, safe, and beautiful playground environment they truly deserve.