Arturf Football Grass Was Installed In Bulgaria

It took less than one month for Mr. Bogdan to make a decision to buy artificial grass from us. The communication between us is very smoothly and Bogdan trusts us much. He paid full payment after we signed the contract. That really gave me a surprise, but that also let me pay more attention to follow the order even it was not a big order-800 square meters artificial grass and related products, every process including loading the goods to the container. I want to let Bogdan known that he did the right decision. In fact, our company asks every one of our representatives do their best no matter what kind of orders they are following, small or big.

When Bogdan received the artificial grass, rubber granules, artificial grass glue, and seaming tape, fence, he wrote an email to us and said: all the goods are perfect especially the net. I am really happy to hear that. Why did he say ‘especially the net’? Let me tell you the details. At first Bogdan only want to buy artificial grass from us as he knew we vertically engaged in manufacturing artificial grass. He wont to find a really fence factory. But finally, Bogdan decides to buy from us because of our price and services-we have long term cooperated companies that produce artificial grass related products such as fence, net, rubber granules, artificial grass glue, etc, and we could offer competitive prices.

So I send all the samples including several pieces artificial grass samples that we recommended, rubber granules, seaming tape and of cause fence. He chose artificial grass of FM50 style and all the accessorial products were approved. However, we found one of other partner have similar fence in stock, and the quality is much better even the price is a litter higher. I told my opinion to Mr. Bogan and promise we will keep the price the same. He said: it is ok, we trust you and you decide it, we do not need to check the samples anymore.

Now the field is running every day even it is winter in Bulgaria, Bogdan told me players like the artificial grass a lot.

Artificial Football Grass Installation And Maintenance

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