FIFA Has Approved The Use Of Synthetic Football Turf At Various Levels Of Play

Artificial grass sports surfaces have become a popular choice for sports such as football, hockey, tennis, baseball, and are even used in athletics tracks and multi-sport areas where a variety of sports can be played. One of the most popular applications of artificial grass is to be used as the surface of the football field.

What Is a Football Artificial Grass System?

Natural in appearance, skin and joint-friendly, high in shock absorption, the synthetic yarns of a soccer turf ‘carpet’ are tufted into a layer of polyethylene fabric, and a coating layer of latex/polyurethane is applied on its back. This ‘backing’ is so strong that moles cannot dig through it.

The synthetic fibers of a football pitch are in-filled with silica sand and rubber granules to create a surface that is durable, flexible, porous, and consistently uniform. Some artificial grass football pitches also feature a ‘shock pad” underneath the top layer which offers proper cushion to players against injuries when they slide or fall on the surface. 

FIFA and UEFA Have Approved the Use of Synthetic Football Turf at Various Levels of Play

The numerous benefits of an artificial soccer turf have compelled both FIFA and UEFA to approve the use of synthetic football turf at various levels of play. Similarly, UEFA, the European Football League has also approved playing the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Cup, the qualification matches for the World Cup, and the European Championships on artificial turf soccer fields.

The approval for synthetic grass came after FIFA introduced an extensive test program in 2001. The test included parameters like a ball rolling, bouncing, sliding characteristics, heat development, shock absorption, wear and tear, and many more. The artificial soccer turf and football passed this test and became widely accepted amongst different sports facilities of the world.

Some of our football turf products have been tested by Labosport and proved to meet the needs of FIFA Quality. Labosport is a leading company in sports field testing and certification. It is one of the most famous Laboratory and Field Testing Institutes accredited by FIFA.

Artificial Football Grass Installation And Maintenance

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