History of Artificial Grass in China

Phase 1: Import artificial grass products

Artificial grass was introduced to China in 1990s, around 20 years later than the United States and some Euro countries. Some companies realized the bright future and big market here, and they cooperated with American factories to imported Astroturf, just imported. At that time, the price is fairly high, only some government departments and famous universities could afford it.

Phase 2: Just import the fibers and do the tufting and coating in China

But artificial grass developed rapidly in China, like Chinese speed or Shenzhen speed. Local factories established from the year of 2000. Most of the factories imported synthetic yarns and do the following manufacturing processes (Mainly tufting and coating)in China. When completed the production, some used in local places and some exported aboard.

Phase 3: Fiber manufacturers grew in China

As the market growing and the technology developed, domestic yarn manufacturers appeared, and the cost of artificial grass manufacturing come down sharply, but problems come out at the same time. The local yarns proved not so good as the imported leading brands’ artificial grass yarns. The technology of fake grass yarn must be improved.

Phase 4: China became the largest place of origin for artificial grass

And now, almost all the processes of artificial grass manufacturing are fairly mature in China. China-made artificial grass fibers and turf products can meet the highest standard of the industry. More than half of the artificial grasses used out of China are imported from China. By the way, the world’s largest artificial grass manufacturing base is located in China.

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