Synthetic Grass Costs: Less Than Natural Grass in Long Term

It would appear at a cursory glance that synthetic grass is a more expensive replacement for natural grass surface, but the high cost is only upfront. When measured over the life of the synthetic grass area you will find that artificial grass is actually a cheaper alternative to the natural grass and the savings may not simply be the cost of maintaining the lawn.

1.Less maintenance=Less cost

Savings in watering alone amount to a sizable figure every year, particularly in drier climate countries such as Africa and Middle East countries. Apart from the monetary saving, we are preserving a precious resource that is particularly scarce in times of drought simply by replacing natural grass with synthetic grass.

Other regular maintenance tasks that are required to keep a natural grass field looking its best is a regular herbicide treatment, fertilizing, coring, to dressing and seeding. Each of these would also be removed. Add to that the cost of employing a team of groundsmen to perform all of these tasks.

2.Much Longer Working Hours=More Return On Investment

Artificial grass surfaces have much longer working hours than natural grass fields, this is extremely important for sports fields. During sporting seasons, natural grass fields often become bare and patchy due to the heavy traffic they are subjected to. This, too, is alleviated by synthetic grass and the blight of having to abandon games due to unsafe or unfit surfaces is removed. In many cases, the entire playing surface needs to be re-turfed just to get the ground ready for the next season of play.

When talking about saving costs with synthetic grass, we shouldn’t only think of the monetary savings that you might make. There is also the savings in time as well as the reduction in the amount of energy you have to spend on the lawn. For those who lead a busy lifestyle or who are simply unable to perform the necessary yard upkeep jobs, synthetic grass could provide the ideal alternative.

So, that higher up-front cost of a synthetic grass surface is pretty quickly recouped by the lower maintenance requirements. Time, energy and the possibility of greater usage gives you an artificial grass surface that will pay for itself over its lifetime.

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