The Trend: Sports Fields Are Turning To Synthetic Grass

Football Grass 2

More and More Sports Fields Use Synthetic Grass

More and more sports fields replace surfaces with synthetic grass because artificial grass not only makes a more pleasant surface for sports: it’s also safer, more economical, and sustainable. We share our passion for sports with our customers. This is what enables us to develop revolutionary systems for pitches for sports such as football, hockey, tennis, rugby, and multisport.

As Goods As Natural Grass, Or Even Better

Synthetic sports turf systems have transformed the muddy, uneven playing fields of decades ago. Arturf’s new generation of artificial grass sports fields look like real grass but give a consistent, high level of performance that only engineered modern synthetic turfs can produce. Our synthetic turf surfaces leave behind the negative qualities of natural grass fields, such as high maintenance costs, canceled games, and uneven performance.

It Is Worthy Of Investment

Arturf believes you receive excellent value for your investment in our synthetic sports artificial grass. Our top-quality, safe long-lasting sports grass will bring you and your communities a lot of benefits for years.