Customized Artificial Grass: The Key to Market Success

At Arturf, we take pride in offering customized artificial grass products that differentiate us from our competitors. By providing our dealers with unique synthetic turf options, we empower them to penetrate the market more easily and quickly, while also increasing their profit margins.

Why Choose Customized Artificial Grass?

Tastes and preferences vary across different countries, and the same applies to artificial grass. People in different regions may have distinct preferences when it comes to colors, pile heights, and softness levels. As a leading artificial grass manufacturer, we understand these differences and provide customized products tailored to the specific needs of our valued dealers.

As an artificial grass installer or wholesaler, standing out in the market goes beyond competing solely on price. Having unique products that cater to your local market is crucial. Customization allows you to differentiate yourself and capture a larger share of customers. Whether you specialize in landscape or playground artificial grass, offering a variety of turf options that meet the diverse requirements of your customers will give you a strong competitive advantage.

Customization Options:

  1. Pile Height: We can produce artificial grass with pile heights ranging from 8mm to 65mm.
  2. Density: We can adjust the stitches per square meter to align with your desired price or performance level.
  3. Dtex: Dtex is a measure of artificial grass yarn strength. We can modify the Dtex to make the grass stronger or softer.
  4. Backing Options: Depending on the application, we recommend SBR Latex backing or polyurethane backing (at a higher cost). For pet-specific grass, our UltraFlow backing is an ideal choice.
  5. Blade Shape: The shape of the grass blades affects resilience and touch. We offer over eight blade shapes inspired by natural grass.
  6. Colors: We can customize the colors to match your target market.

The artificial grass products showcased on our website are just a glimpse of what we offer. With over 150 developed products, we can create synthetic turf according to your specifications or samples. Additionally, we can modify existing products based on your requirements. By offering unique and tailored solutions, you can attract more customers and secure projects that set you apart from the competition.