Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Artificial Grass: Explained

artificial grass loading 3

 At our company, we frequently receive inquiries through our website about the cost of small quantities of artificial grass, typically ranging from 50-200m². These inquiries often come from individuals looking to undertake personal projects like private gardens, patios, and walkways. While we appreciate every inquiry, it’s important to note that our minimum order quantity is set at 500m².

On Our Side – The Economics of Small Quantity Production

If you’ve ever visited our factory and witnessed the manufacturing process, you would understand why we have a minimum order quantity. To tuft a piece of artificial turf measuring 4 meters in width with a 3/8 inch gauge, it requires loading approximately 420 rolls of artificial grass yarn, as depicted in the picture below. The tufting process itself takes around 10 minutes for 50 square meters, regardless of whether it’s 50m² or 500m². Additionally, the yarn wastage for both 50m² and 500m² is similar. This higher wastage rate for 50m² artificial grass makes it uneconomical to produce such small quantities.

Artificial Grass Yarn Rolls

On Your Side – The Economics of Importing Small Quantities

Our factory is based in mainland China, which means if you are located outside of China and wish to purchase artificial turf from us, importing becomes necessary. More than 90% of artificial grass shipments are made via sea freight. When considering the shipping cost, loading port fees, and destination port charges per square meter, buying locally may be a more cost-effective option.

Artificial Grass Shipping

As one of the leading artificial grass manufacturers in China, our primary customers are artificial grass traders, installers, sports field constructors, sports field owners, and large-scale landscape project owners.

Exceptions to the MOQ Requirement

There are cases in which the MOQ can be waived:

  1. If you are already importing other goods from China and we have the desired product in stock.

  2. If you are already importing other goods from China and we have a similar product scheduled for production soon, we can accommodate your mini order alongside the upcoming production.

For any further inquiries or questions about the MOQ, please feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you and provide the information you need.