5-a-side Football and Non-infill Football Grass

5-a-side football is very popular. You can find 5-a-side football pitches in schools, communities, sports centers, and soccer clubs. It needs less land, less invest, but provides an ideal place for football fans.

The size 5-a-side football field

Length: 25 m – 42 m
Width: 15 m – 25 m
In any case, the length must be longer than the width.

Non-infill football artificial grass is an ideal surface for 5-a-side

Most 5-a-side football pitches are constructed for practice or rent out. Artificial grass is the best surface because it is minimized maintenance, and maximized playing hours. We recommend 40mm-50mm monofilament football synthetic grass with sand and crumb rubber infill.

Is there a better solution? The answer is YES. Our non-infill football grass is a maintenance-free but high-performance option. The thatch fibers of the turf provide excellent stability and resilience. Because of no sand and rubber granules in the field, the surface is cleaner and needs even less maintenance than a traditional artificial soccer grass field.

Normally, our non-infill football grass is made with 25mm-30mm pile height. If you want better flexibility, you can add a layer of shock pad beneath the grass.

Additional information:
The size of 4-a-side football pitch:
Minimum: 12 m x 20 m
Maximum: 15 m x 25 m


Artificial Football Grass Installation And Maintenance

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