How Much Space Do You Need for a Backyard Putting Green?

Artificial Putting Green

No matter what size your backyard is, you want to maximize its value. Build a backyard synthetic putting green will enhance the value of your property, and your friends and neighbors will envy it. To decide how much space you need for a useful backyard putting green, you need to consider to the following factors:

Find an Area That Drainage Water Well

Ideally, your backyard artificial grass putting green will be in the best drainage spot in your yard. That will allow the turf’s drainage system to quickly move any liquids along, including things like dog urine.

How Much Do You Want to Care for?

Putting greens at the golf course can run up to thousands of square feet, but that also means more space that needs to be maintained. When you install a synthetic putting green, you can go as big as you want, since you won’t need to water or mow or perform other landscaping tasks.

What Shape Is Your Property?

It’s a challenge to install natural lawn around curves or other irregularly shaped parts of your backyard. But an irregularly shaped area is not a problem for artificial grass. To get the most out of your green, synthetic grass can help you put those hard-to-reach areas to use in a way that boosts your golf game.

When the location is decided, you will need to consider buying the needed high-quality putting green turf and hire an installer to install the artificial green. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.


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