Artificial Grass Yarn

Artificial grass is made up of yarn and backing(including coating). Artificial grass yarn is one of the most important components of artificial grass product. This article covers the following aspects:

What are artificial grass yarns?
Why artificial grass yarn is so important?
Artificial Grass Yarn Materials
Artificial Yarn Types
Artificial Yarn Shapes

What Are Artificial Grass Yarns?

Artificial grass yarns are the individual synthetic fibers which make up the artificial grass. We also call it “artificial grass fiber”, or “the hair of artificial grass”.

Why Artificial Grass Yarn Is So Important?

Artificial grass yarn is the most important part of artificial grass. We can not call the product “artificial grass” without artificial grass yarns. When we walk or play on an artificial grass surface, we actually work or play on artificial grass yarns. Mostly artificial grass systems are installed with infills, in these cases the yarn and the infills support the system together. To be exact, we actually work or play on artificial grass yarns with infills.

When the color of the yarn speed up fading or aging, or massive yarns coming out from the backing, It means the artificial grass is reaching the end of its life.

Artificial Grass Yarn Materials

Artificial grass yarn is made from polymers, more exactly polyethylene or polypropylene, sometimes nylon. Specific substances are added to fulfill the highest requirements and obtain a long-lasting resistance. Polypropylene and polyethylene are inert materials and don’t react easily with other substances.

Artificial Grass Yarn Types

There are two types of artificial grass yarn: Monofilament yarn and fibrillated yarn.

1. Monofilament Yarns

The fluid mass is extruded through a plate with small holes, to give it a certain strength and elasticity. The shape of the hole is determining the shape or cross-section of the yarn. A monofilament yarn exists always out of more than one filament, for example, 6, 8 or even 12 filaments.

Texturized or “Thatch” Yarns

Texturized yarn is a special type of monofilament yarn. It is offered in various Dtex, curl intensities and colors primarily. This can be offered in a high or low bulk density in polypropylene or polyethylene.

2. Fibrillated Yarns

The fluid mass is extruded in a very thin film that is cut in small strips and fibrillated so that a honeycomb structure is formed.

Artificial Grass Yarn Shapes

To make the artificial grass more natural-looking, flexible and durable, we designed several shapes of artificial grass yarn, each offering a unique shape and set of attributes. The shape of the grass blade is related to how the grass looks, feels and performs.