Minimum Order Quantity

We often get some inquiries asking the cost for 50-200m²(even less) of artificial grass. Most of these are for small personal projects such as private gardens, patios, walkways, etc. We appreciate every single inquiry, but unfortunately, our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 500m².

On Our Side – It Is Quite Uneconomic To Produce A Small Quantity Of Artificial Grass

If you have ever visited our factory and understood the manufacturing process, you would understand why we set the minimum order quantity. To tuft a piece of 4 meters width, gauge 3/8 inch artificial turf, Totally 420 rolls of artificial grass yarn need to be loaded just as shown in the picture below. It takes about 2 hours no matter for 50m2 or 500m2, and the tufting process just takes about 10 minutes for 50 square meters. Besides, for 50m² and 50m², the yarn wastage is similar. What means wastage rate is much higher for 50m² artificial grass. Now you see, it is quite uneconomic to produce just 50 m² artificial grass.

On Your Side- It Is Quite Uneconomic To Import Too Small Quantity Artificial Grass

Our factory is located in mainland China. If you are out of China, you need to import if purchase the artificial turf from us. More than 90% of artificial grass are shipped by sea. It may be cheaper to buy locally if spread the shipping cost, loading port, and destination port cost to each square meter.

As one of the leading artificial grass manufacturers in China, we mainly face artificial grass traders, installers, sports field constructors, sports field owners, or large landscape project owners.

In What Cases You Can Ignore The Moq?

  1. You have other goods shipped from China, at the same time, we have stock of the product you like.
  2. You have other goods shipped from China, at the same time, we have a similar product in the schedule to produce soon, then we can produce your mini order together.

More questions for MOQ, please contact us freely.