Why Install Artificial Grass for Tennis Court

Tennis is recognized as a popular international sport, with players from different parts of the world. It is widely known to be amongst the plethora of major league sports such as baseball and football. The one thing that these distinguished sports have in common is the different types of playing fields the athletes play on. Artificial grass is just one of the few types of playing surfaces. Tennis courts can range from clay, hard, carpet, or grass. Back in the day, professional athletes played on natural grass courts, which were first introduced. These natural grass courts need consistent mowing and watering, which consequently, are more expensive to maintain. Nowadays more and more tennis clubs use artificial grass as the surface

Artificial grass for a tennis court is preferred over the clay and natural grass surface for many reasons:

1. Artificial grass tennis courts don’t require much maintenance.
Tennis court owners only need to arrange to brushed to clear the unwanted items and keep the tennis turf blades straight occasionally, while the real grass is needed to be mowed, watered and fertilized on a regular basis. This is both time taking and a laborious task.

2. Tennis artificial grass is quite durable and long-lasting.
The average life of these tennis artificial turfs is 7 to 10 years. During monsoons or droughts, these artificial grass tennis courts remain unaffected which is not so in the case of natural turf. Tennis artificial grass also can endure heavy footfall and remain lush green. That is why there is very little chance of matches being canceled or postponed.

3. A synthetic grass tennis court is cost-effective.
Due to the low maintenance and long life of these tennis artificial turfs, court owners can save a lot of money. Only a cost is required during their installation which is compensated through their longevity.

4. Similar performance as hard courts
The hard surfaces help in better ball delivery as it bounces well and also has a better grip.
Tennis artificial grass mimics the characteristics of hard courts. Those characteristics are the grip of the surface, the natural feel underneath your foot, and the reaction time. There are many types of tennis artificial grass that can accommodate to your own specific needs on the tennis court, which is why tennis artificial grass is the perfect substitute.

5. An artificial grass tennis court is safe for the players
They have an effective drainage system that absorbs the moisture very quickly during the rains or dew. The tennis artificial grass court does not become slippery and so there is a lesser chance of falling. The soft grass blades reduce the risk of injuries of the players fall.

6. All-weather use
Tennis artificial grass has the ability to drastically dry faster than that of natural grass. Tennis artificial grass does not absorb the water after it has rained and has a good drainage system. Even after morning dew, or after long periods of rain, you will be able to play almost instantly. That also means you will be able to play all year long without having to be concerned about the after-effects of poor weather conditions.

7. Anyone can play on artificial grass tennis courts
Tennis artificial grass is that it is exceptionally accessible for anyone to use, not just for professional athletes.

8. Upkeep of your own tennis shoes
With tennis artificial grass, your tennis shoes would not get dirty from the soil, or retain any grass stains. This means longer-lasting tennis shoes that can accumulate more “miles” of playing time.

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