Artificial Grass Football Field Project Success at Military Economy College, Wuhan

football grass 11

Military Economy College in Wuhan recently completed a successful project involving the installation of an artificial grass football field. This marked the second time the college chose our artificial turf for their field, with the initial installation taking place seven years ago in 2006. Despite the old turf still functioning well, the college opted for a replacement to enhance performance, showcasing their trust in our product, service, and support.

For the new soccer field, our MT Pro 50 football grass was used. With a pile height of 50 mm and 11000Dtex, it is similar to the previous product installed on the field.

Wuhan experiences hot summers and cold winters, yet our football grass has demonstrated its ability to withstand the test of time, lasting over seven years. In fact, our artificial turf has been successfully installed in numerous locations with temperatures ranging from -30°C to -50°C. Laboratory findings validate that our artificial grass can be utilized within a temperature range of -60°C to 60°C.

Artificial grass proves to be an ideal choice for schools, colleges, and universities due to its ability to withstand heavy and frequent use with minimal maintenance requirements. It provides an all-weather football surface, ensuring consistent performance regardless of weather conditions.

The popularity of artificial football grass continues to rise among educational institutions globally. Schools and colleges recognize its unparalleled advantages, including extended playing hours and durability. In China alone, over 80% of school and college football fields have embraced synthetic grass, solidifying its position as the preferred choice for these institutions.