Completion of 7-a-Side and 5-a-Side Synthetic Grass Football Fields in Guangzhou

Football Field Lines White and Blue

Last month, another successful synthetic grass football field project was completed in Guangzhou (2010/10). This project features a 7-a-side football field and a 5-a-side football field, utilizing our premium football synthetic grass, MDD50.

Our top-quality football turfs have been chosen for numerous football fields in Guangzhou. But what drives the switch to synthetic grass in universities, high schools, and sports centers? Safety and durability are among the key reasons. We have designed athletic-grade artificial grass with a focus on safety and long-lasting performance.

Cost-effectiveness is another compelling factor behind the transition to synthetic grass. While the upfront investment may be higher, a synthetic grass playing field is a wise long-term investment that quickly pays off through reduced water and maintenance costs. Moreover, synthetic turf football fields offer extended practice and playing time. Unlike natural grass fields, they remain unaffected by rain or heavy use, eliminating the need for scheduled maintenance or repairs.

If you’re considering installing synthetic grass in your football stadium, look no further. As a leading artificial grass supplier in China, we specialize in manufacturing top-quality synthetic grass for football fields, including non-infill options. We also provide essential accessories like shock pad layers for a complete installation.

Contact us today to explore the benefits of synthetic grass and experience the superior quality of our products. Join the growing number of institutions enjoying the advantages of synthetic turf for football fields.