Building the Perfect Padel Court: An Eight-Point Checklist for Success

Investing in or creating a padel court is an exciting venture, but it comes with significant considerations. To ensure your journey is smooth and rewarding, we’ve distilled the essential characteristics of a top-tier padel court into an eight-point checklist. In this article, we’ll explore each element in depth, offering valuable insights to empower you in making informed decisions.

1. Ideal Location – Where Convenience Meets Accessibility

Selecting the right location for your padel court or club is paramount. Accessibility is key, as you want potential customers to find your facility effortlessly. Complex parking situations can lead to frustration and delays, adversely affecting the customer experience. Calculate your parking needs by multiplying the maximum number of padel players by 0.8, accounting for the fact that padel is typically played in doubles, resulting in four players per court.

2. Strong Foundations – The Cornerstone of Stability

The foundation of your padel court is critical. It’s imperative to build a solid base with a concrete floor that measures at least 18-20 centimeters in thickness, ensuring a stable and level surface. When constructing outdoor padel courts, meticulous planning is essential to prevent issues like subsidence due to adverse weather conditions.

3. Strategic Positioning – Crafting a Memorable Entrance

Crafting an attractive entrance and strategically positioning the courts can significantly enhance the customer experience. Placing the entrance in the middle often creates a powerful first impression, immersing visitors in the dynamic energy of players in action. Thoughtful design can boost average customer spending and overall profitability, driven by equipment sales and complementary product offerings.

4. Quality Steel Structure – An Investment in Longevity

Never underestimate the importance of high-quality steel profiles for your padel court. Investing in superior materials is crucial for long-term durability, especially in the face of varying temperatures and humidity levels. While cost considerations may tempt you toward cheaper options, these decisions often lead to regrets when wear and tear become evident. Focus on building a loyal clientele through a well-constructed court.

5. Premium Artificial Turf – Elevating the Player Experience

Choosing the right artificial turf is pivotal. High-quality turf, such as Arturf, ensures a safer playing experience, reducing injuries and upholding the club’s reputation. It also boasts long-term durability and lower maintenance costs, requiring less sand. Opt for turf with 27 stitches per 10 cm for optimal performance.

6. Adequate Ceiling Height – Unleash the Potential

Indoor venues, in particular, should feature a minimum ceiling height of 8 meters. Sufficient free space above the courts directly impacts advanced players’ shots. Many padel clubs have suffered losses due to inadequate ceiling heights, leading to business closures. Ensure your facility meets this critical requirement.

7. Scalability – Preparing for Growth

To secure long-term profitability, consider your club’s scalability. In mature markets, success often necessitates at least eight courts. Even if you begin with fewer courts, plan for growth to accommodate increasing demand and achieve cost scalability.


When embarking on your padel court venture, prioritize quality over cost. Cutting corners may lead to maintenance issues, putting your club’s success at risk. By following this comprehensive checklist and carefully considering each element, you’ll be well-equipped to create a top-tier padel court or club. At Arturf, we’re committed to supporting you at every stage of your journey. Feel free to reach out with questions or for further assistance via our social media channels or contact page. Your success is our priority.

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