It Is Time To Turn To Artificial Grass

The latest generation of artificial grass is designed to be used in Football pitches, stadiums, Golf putting green, and American Football & Baseball. And it’s now widely used in America, Europe, Australia, and many other countries. Many experts are now advising to change the natural grass with artificial grass to achieve the above-mentioned benefits. It is also recommended by FIFA as a football turf.

Natural Grass Costs More

Considering that artificial grass is more and more popular used for sports fields and landscape projects, and you surely know the complicated problems accompanying the use of natural grass, especially in hot acclimate condition such as The Middle East’s where it needs a lot of watering, maintenance, expenses, manpower, besides being a water-consuming plants, and at the end of the day the only benefit we gain from those lawn covers is the beautiful scenes.

Artificial Grass Is Versatile

Synthetic grass looks very close to natural grass, which can be used for football fields, field hockey, tennis surface, golf putting green and home gardens. For sports applications, it provides many more playing hours. If for football, our products meet the standard of “FIFA Recommend”. All of our artificial turf rolls are delivered with a solid UV-resistance warranty.

It Is Time To Turn To Artificial Grass

Now that it’s possible to change the natural grass to synthetic grass, we would like to have the honor of giving you an idea about our products of the artificial grass with its international standards that we to add more beauty and durability to sports, gardens, public parks, etc.., achieving more than 95% of the natural look, but with reducing the costs, maintenance efforts, and terminating the watering and agriculture stages of the natural grass. It can save money and natural resources. And above all it’s available in several colors, variety of shapes, customizable density and heights of piles.

Some Basic Benefits Of Turn To Artificial Grass

1. Resistance to difficult climatic conditions.
2. Low maintenance costs.
3. Longer playing hours.
4. It can be used for a Multi-usage sports field.
5. Improved and consistent playing conditions.