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Why Install Artificial Turf for Kindergarten Playground

It is not so easy to find the right surface for a kindergarten playground. Traditional chooses such as natural lawn, safety mat, and much more have some benefits and a lot of major drawbacks as well. However, if you choose artificial turf for a playground, it could make sure that there is an amazing flooring […]

Artificial Turf Is A Brilliant Decision For Playground

As parents, the most important thing you concern about is the safety of your children. It’s even more critical when the kids are playing outside. You never know when they’re going to trip and tumble while running and goofing around. These concerns apply even to your own backyard, especially when you’re already aware of the […]

Use Shock Pad for Artificial Grass Sport Fields or Playgrounds

The safe is always the first concern when constructing a sports field. The installation of a sand-filled artificial grass over a shock pad base can provide a softer surface that meets safety needs of sports fields or playground. Artificial grass shock pad creates a soft landing surface for athletes or children with varying critical fall […]

Artificial Lawn for Office, Restaurant or Cafe

Commercial areas appropriate for the use of artificial grass such as office flooring, restaurant fronts or wall decoration, cafe fronts, or decoration. The evergreen natural-looking artificial lawn adds vitality to the business areas. Arturf synthetic grass is a flexible and highly qualified solution for owners or designers of restaurants, bars, and cafes who want to […]

Have a Green Garden in Winter-Get Artificial Lawn

People who live in colder climates such as the north of China will always meet a problem for their natural lawns: the beautiful lawn is going to be dormant when winter coming. This is one of the many reasons more homeowners are replacing their real grass with durable, low-maintenance artificial lawn, which looks just as […]

Five Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can be used to improve the look of your home garden. Not only will artificial grass look beautiful and clean all year round, but it will also save you plenty of time and money that you would normally spend on maintaining your lawn area. When it comes to choosing artificial grass for your […]