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Artificial Grass is Used in More and More Places

More and more homeowners have chosen to install artificial grass or putting greens in their outdoor spaces. And as time has gone on the versatility of these products has allowed for their use in a variety of other exciting applications. Where You Can Use Artificial Grass • Backyard putting greens• Synthetic lawns• Landscaping turf at […]

Have a Green Garden in Winter-Get Artificial Lawn

People who live in colder climates such as the north of China will always meet a problem for their natural lawns: the beautiful lawn is going to be dormant when winter coming. This is one of the many reasons more homeowners are replacing their real grass with durable, low-maintenance artificial lawn, which looks just as […]

Artificial Grass Offers Maximum Comforts Both For Garden And Sports

Artificial grass offers maximum comforts to the players on the sports fields and grounds where they can run and move freely from one direction to another. It also provides a soft effect to the people walking on it. Whether you run and jump it could not be pierced anything on your feet because this artificial […]

Five Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Artificial Grass

Artificial grass can be used to improve the look of your home garden. Not only will artificial grass look beautiful and clean all year round, but it will also save you plenty of time and money that you would normally spend on maintaining your lawn area. When it comes to choosing artificial grass for your […]

Artificial Grass For Rooftop

An artificial grass rooftop project was just completed in Sri Lanka by our dealer. The size of the rooftop is 310m2. Before the lawn installed, only a few people go to the rooftop occasionally. After the lawn installation, the rooftop became an attractive outdoor living space. The customer was very satisfied with the result. Transform […]

Artificial Lawn Is Ideal for Your Garden

Who wouldn’t love to have a perfect grass lawn? Each one of your neighbors would look at your lawn with envy, and every photo taken during in the backyard would remind your friends and family how gorgeous your stunning lawn is. Unfortunately, with today’s busy lifestyles, the lawn care can often be pushed further and […]

Landscape Artificial Lawn Maintenance

Compared to real grass, artificial lawn maintenance is a breeze. After artificial lawn installation has been completed, there are no more worries about mowing, weeding, fertilizing, or regular watering. Even still, the artificial lawn is not entirely maintenance-free. Artificial lawn Maintenance: Remove Debris Regularly Your artificial turf lawn should be kept as free from debris […]

Applications of Artificial Grass

Of course you can put artificial grass in the garden. However, artificial grass can be used in a variety of applications, including sports grounds, decks, patios, balconies, even indoors. Artificial grass in the garden Using artificial grass for the garden means having all benefits of an evergreen garden without the work and invest that natural […]