Have a Green Garden in Winter-Get Artificial Lawn

People who live in colder climates such as the north of China will always meet a problem for their natural lawns: the beautiful lawn is going to be dormant when winter coming. This is one of the many reasons more homeowners are replacing their real grass with durable, low-maintenance artificial lawn, which looks just as green and full in the middle of winter as it does in the middle of summer – no matter where you live. Of course, if you live in a colder climate or at a higher altitude, it may spend part of the year covered in snow, but the blades that peek through will be just as green as ever. Plus, a lush, green lawn will be waiting for you when the snow melts away.

Does the cold weather and snow damage the artificial lawn?

No, Our synthetic grass is proved to withstand even the coldest and extreme weather conditions, including snow. Artificial grass systems allow fields and lawns to keep their texture while maintaining a green and lush aesthetic in the most frigid climates. Your artificial grass is not going to freeze to the point of becoming brittle and breaking if stepped on as natural grass will.

While artificial grass blades do not become brittle and break, it should be noted that freezing temperatures that occur after moisture has been deposited on the grass, such as in the case of rain, freezing rain or snow, can cause the blades to stiffen some in a way that could make your lawn a bit less cushy and soft when walking on it.