Hopscotch-A Great Addition to Your Artificial Grass Playground

Hopscotch is a game played either singularly or with several players. Always popular in playgrounds, children take turns to toss a small object into a numbered grid on the ground and then jump or hop one legged through the shapes to collect the thrown object. The players are not allowed to touch the lines or let the raised foot touch the ground. Once they have collected the object they must continue to the home shape at the far end where they turn and try to make the return journey in the same manner as before.

Why Hopscotches?

Hopscotch is a fantastic tool to help younger pupils to learn the order of numbers.

Kids can benefit physically, mentally and socially from a simple game of hopscotch. The movement will help them with balance, strength and coordination. Having to work out the correct hopping pathway teaches them to problem solve. And just by being involved with other kids, they learn important social skills.

Artificial Grass Hopscotches

We can see hopscotches on playgrounds everywhere, but most of them are painted on the playground surface. Our Artificial Grass Hopscotch is a much safer alternative that is long-lasting and helps to engage children more. The numbers are tufted into the artificial turf using colored synthetic yarns. Synthetic Grass Hopscotches are more popular than you might think.

Parents want to see kids using the facilities at the school. The brightly colored artificial grass that we use never fails to amuse children and they end up spending a considerable amount of time on the surface.

Main features:

  • Customizable design
  • Permanent colors
  • No glued joins
  • 10mm-30mm pile height
  • Wide range of colors and yarns
  • Strong and durable

Our Artificial Grass Hopscotch will be a great addition to your playground!