Artificial Grass Futsal Field: Enhancing Your Indoor Football Experience

What is Futsal?

Futsal is a thrilling variant of association football played on a smaller indoor pitch. The name “futsal” is derived from the Portuguese “futebol de salão” and the Spanish “fútbol de salón” (commonly known as “fútbol sala”), which translate to “hall football” or “indoor football.” During the sport’s second world championships in Madrid in 1985, the name “fútbol Sala” was adopted, and since then, it has become the official international term.

Played between two teams of five players each, including a goalkeeper, futsal allows unlimited substitutions. Unlike other forms of indoor football, futsal is played on a hard court surface without the use of walls or boards. The smaller ball used in futsal has less bounce than a regular football, creating a game that emphasizes improvisation, creativity, technique, ball control, and passing in tight spaces. (Source: Wikipedia)

Surface for Futsal Court

Given that natural grass does not thrive indoors, synthetic flooring is commonly used for futsal courts. We offer two surface options for futsal: 1. Artificial football grass and 2. Modular interlocking floor. In this article, we will focus on artificial football grass for futsal.

All of our outdoor artificial football turfs are suitable for indoor futsal as well. In fact, these turfs tend to have a longer lifespan when used indoors due to the favorable weather conditions (no rain and UV exposure).

As mentioned earlier, our football turf is ideal for futsal courts. Specifically, we highly recommend our professional non-infill football grass for five-a-side or three-a-side futsal. This high-performance surface requires minimal maintenance and can be installed quickly and easily.

Futsal Court Dimensions

A standard futsal court typically measures 40 meters in length, with a width of approximately 20 meters. It’s important to note that futsal courts have larger penalty areas compared to other football courts. Thus, the misconception that all courts share the same dimensions is debunked.

International Futsal Court Dimensions

  • Length: 38 to 42 meters
  • Width: 18 to 22 meters
  • Enclosed field run-off: Recommended area of 3×3 meters
  • Open space court run-off: Recommended area of 3×3 meters

Domestic Futsal Court Dimensions

  • Length: 25 to 42 meters
  • Width: 15 to 25 meters
  • Enclosed field run-off: Recommended area of 2×2 meters
  • Open space court run-off: Recommended area of 2×2 meters

Create an Exceptional Futsal Experience with Artificial Grass

By opting for our top-quality artificial football grass, you can elevate your futsal game to new heights. Enjoy the benefits of a durable and low-maintenance surface that guarantees superior performance. Whether you’re playing five-a-side or three-a-side, our non-infill football grass offers the perfect solution for your futsal court needs. Experience the ease of installation and the joy of playing on a surface designed for optimal ball control, technique, and creativity.

Contact us today to explore our range of artificial grass options and transform your futsal court into a haven for thrilling indoor football action.