New Soccer Field Was Completed in Guangzhou, China

A new football field project was completed in Guangzhou, China, in Feb. 2013, using our football artificial grass. The project contains three football fields: one seven a side football field and two five a side football fields.

The seven a side football field use our economic football grass F42050, 50mm pile height. It was tufted with fibrillated fibers. Even we called it an economic surface solution for soccer pitch but it performances well for soccer and football sport. In fact, this kind of fibrillated artificial grass is designed for football and similar sports. Our warranty is 6 years for the product. You can see the field has two colors, this will fresh the players’ eyes when playing a soccer game.

The two five a side soccer fields use bi-color monofilament artificial grass, 40mm pile height. This grass is also design for football and soccer field, some people like bi-color monofilament artificial grass, this is the right one for you.

You will also find the fence around the courts, we can also supply you fence together with the artificial grass but normally we do not supply it separately.

Artificial Football Grass Installation And Maintenance

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