Ensure a High-performance Synthetic Putting Green

Artificial putting greens are great products because they are manufactured to look real and perform as well as traditional golf putting green surfaces. How to ensure a high-performance synthetic putting green? You need to purchase high-quality putting green, real-looking and durable fringe grass, proper silica sand infill, and professional installation.

High-quality synthetic putting green and natural-looking fringe grass

Synthetic putting green grass is not the same type of artificial grass used for most other applications. The surface should offer proper flexibility, golf ball rolling, and bouncing. Bent turf style with very short blades is commonly used for putting green surfaces. Texturized turf works nicely, whether you’re a professional or beginner. The slit-film style mimics the natural grass you see on gold golf courses. Its blades are trimmed off along the top, producing the same effect as mower-trimmed grass. Avid golfers like this style, as it allows tournament-level practice.

Our product FlexPro is specially designed for putting green (Even it can be used for multi-purpose as well). It is made with the finest materials and very high yarn density. It is a professional putting green grass. We recommend making 10mm-18mm pile height. Two backing options: 1. Latex coated backing: It is the common backing used for most putting projects; 2. Polyurethane coated backing: It will make the putting green a luxury project. With polyurethane backing, we recommend making pile height 15mm-18mm.

Fringe grass is installed around your green. It gives your putting green a “real golf course” look. The grass is taller and straighter. With fringe grass, you can practice chipping as well as putting. Our landscape and playground grass are ideal for putting green fringe areas.

Proper Sand Infill

For putting green bent grass, the infills maintain the resilience and stability of the surface. The infill affects ball control and speed for various types of strokes. We recommend smaller-sized silica sand– the smaller the grain size, the less it will interfere with speed or control.

Comparing with some low-quality synthetic greens on the market, our high-fiber-density putting green requires less volume of silica sand (We call it Low-Infill). With proper infill, the surface allowing balls to roll smoothly without bouncing or veering off.

Professional installation

Professional installation makes sure your project successful. We recommend you hire an artificial grass installer to do the job. If you cannot find one in your local place, or you want to do DIY installation. You need to do some research to make sure the work professional. The most important parts of the installation are base preparation, cup setting in, turf cutting, jointing, and sand infilling.

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