Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Artificial Grass

Laying artificial grass

When installing artificial grass or synthetic turf on your own, it’s important to be aware of common mistakes that can occur. By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure a successful installation and a long-lasting, beautiful artificial lawn. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Uneven Surfaces

Just like you wouldn’t lay a carpet on an uneven surface in your front room, it’s crucial to prepare a flat and even base for your artificial lawn. Even minor bumps or stones can be noticeable on a smooth lawn. Take the time to properly prepare the ground, removing any potential hazards and ensuring a completely flat surface. If you’re dealing with a sloped area, refer to our guide on Installing Artificial Grass on Slopes.

2. Preventing Unwanted Natural Grass Growth

Without proper precautions, weeds and other plants can still grow through your artificial lawn if it’s laid directly on fertile soil. Make sure to install a reliable weed barrier to prevent this issue. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself spending time removing weeds from your fake grass. Additionally, keep an eye out for increased leaf litter during autumn and pollen during spring and summer, as they can hinder water drainage and cause organic material to rot, requiring a messy cleanup.

3. Ensuring Proper Drainage

To prevent water pooling on your artificial turf, it’s crucial to install adequate drainage. Taking certain precautions will help your grass maintain its pristine appearance regardless of the weather. A deep base filled with crushed concrete and sand provides an ideal foundation for proper drainage.

4. Pay Attention to Pile Direction

Always check the direction of the grass pile when laying each piece and consider how it looks up close and from a distance. When joining different sections together, ensure that the pile direction is consistent. One of the most noticeable mistakes is having two pieces with opposite pile directions, which can be laborious to rectify.

5. Achieving Even Joins

If artificial grass is joined correctly, the seams should be barely visible or not noticeable at all. Make sure that the pile direction of each piece runs in the same direction when joining them. If the join is done well, it will remain invisible even when standing directly over it. Correcting a poorly joined grass later on can be difficult. Avoid using cable ties or timber under the join as anchor points, as they can cause rippling when the grass expands. Refer to our guide and use high-quality joining tape, adhesive, or a strong self-adhesive tape made of cloth.

6. Secure the Edges

It may seem obvious, but many people forget to secure the edges of their artificial grass lawn. Neglecting to do so can result in fraying and curling of the lawn edges, leading to various issues. Apart from looking unattractive and causing tripping hazards, water and debris can seep underneath the lawn, causing damage. Secure the edges by nailing them to a wooden frame or using an appropriate adhesive.

7. Reflection-Free Installation

After completing your artificial grass installation, it’s crucial to address any reflective surfaces or create shade to avoid potential damage. During hot or bright weather, sunlight reflected from mirrored surfaces or double-glazed windows can burn or damage your artificial grass. Consider this aspect before starting the installation and ensure that all reflective surfaces are shaded or covered to protect the turf from melting.

8. Invest in Quality Artificial Grass

While it’s tempting to opt for cheap artificial grass, it’s important to prioritize quality. Some products may appear beautiful at a low price, but they lack durability and longevity. These subpar products may fade, deteriorate, or flatten easily under light traffic. At ARTURF, we are committed to providing the best artificial turf at competitive prices. Our products come with solid UV resistance and wear resistance warranties.

By following these guidelines and avoiding common mistakes, you can ensure a successful and visually appealing artificial grass installation that will last for years to come. At ARTURF, we are here to support you with high-quality products and expert advice for your artificial turf needs.